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Development Trend of LED Plant Lighting Industry

1. Specialization

LED plant grow light has the characteristics of adjustable spectrum and light intensity, and low overall heat generation. It has good waterproof performance and is suitable for plant lighting in various scenes. At the same time, changes in the natural environment and people's pursuit of food quality have promoted the vigorous development of facility agriculture and plant factories, and make the LED plant grow light industry into a period of rapid development. In the future, LED plant lighting will improve agricultural production efficiency, increase food safety and play an important role in improving the quality of fruits and vegetables. LED light sources for plant lighting will develop further along with the gradual specialization of the industry and move in a more targeted direction.

2. High efficiency

The improvement of light efficiency and energy efficiency is the key to greatly reducing the operating costs of plant lighting. The use of LED plant grow light to replace traditional lamps and the dynamic optimization and adjustment of the light environment according to the light formula requirements of the plants from the seedling stage to the harvest stage are the inevitable trends of refined agriculture in the future. In terms of improving yield, according to the developmental characteristics of plants, it can be cultivated in stages and regions combined with light formula to improve the production efficiency and yield of each stage; in terms of improving quality, nutrition regulation and light regulation can be used to increase the nutrient content, and the content of other health-care functional ingredients.

3. Intelligent

LED plant grow light has a strong demand for real-time control of light quality and light quantity. With the improvement of intelligent control technology and the application of the Internet of things, a variety of monochromatic spectra and intelligent control systems realize time control, light control, and the output of light quality and light quantity adjusted in time for the growth state. They are bound to become the main trend of the future development of plant lighting technology.

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