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Flora Flowering 780
Flora Flowering 780

Flora Flowering 780

Introducing the Flora 780W, a premium LED grow light specifically engineered for cannabis flowering cultivation in commercial indoor settings. Designed for high PPFD cultivation with single or multi-tier racking systems, the Flora 780W offers an impressive array of features that optimize growth and simplify the cultivation process.

Introducing the Flora 780W

The Flora 780W offers a full spectrum specifically tailored for the cannabis flowering stage, with the

addition of 730nm infrared light. This comprehensive light spectrum promotes healthy growth and

optimal flowering in your cannabis plants, ensuring high-quality yields and potent buds.

Flora Flowering 780
  • Excellent Heat Dissipation System
    Flora Flowering 780

    Excellent Heat Dissipation System

    With a self-designed special structure heat dissipation system, these Flora series grow light can keep itself in a much lower working temperature comparing to the other grow lights. This unique design can not only extend the light lifespan but brings less harmless to the canopies. Lower heat release, better grow atmosphere.

  • Safeguard Tech
    Flora Flowering 780

    Safeguard Tech

    In the cultivation, the night time cycle is paramount. Safeguard technology understands

    this. When our lights missing a dimming signal during this crucial phase in the

    case of dimming cable failed, dimming controller failed or unexpected interruptions,

    they default to "off". Protect your plants from unintentional light exposure, ensuring

    they remain undisturbed during their restful night cycle.

  • IP66 waterproof dimming connector
    Flora Flowering 780

    IP66 waterproof dimming connector

    Navigate the challenges of cultivation with ease, the Flora 780W waterproofing Push-lock dimming connector, ensuring uninterrupted signal transmission for a hassle-free cultivation journey.

  • PPFD Chart in 4X4
    Flora Flowering 780

    PPFD Chart in 4X4

    Mastery in coverage with the capability to uniformly illuminate a 4 x 4 ft canopy, ensuring an impressive PPFD 1200+ umol/m^2/s. Every plant experiences the perfect light intensity for growth

  • PPFD Chart in 5x5
    Flora Flowering 780

    PPFD Chart in 5x5

    Maximize your indoor garden's potentia, wider coverage to encompass a 5x5ft canopy. Delivering an exceptional average PPFD of 900 umol/m²/s, this light ensures every inch of your garden thrives under optimal lighting conditions. Cultivate healthier, more robust plants and transform your gardening experience

Enhanced with 730nm Infrared Light

To further elevate the flowering potential of your

cannabis, the Flora 780W-C incorporates 730nm

infrared light. This addition not only promotes

healthier growth but also ensures that the flowering

phase is maximized for richer, more potent buds.

Enhanced with 730nm Infrared Light

To create the most advanced spectrum for complete physiological plant growth, we had to challenge every assumption. Not only did this make the spectra better, but it also made it beautiful.

Previously, 660 nm (red) and 450 nm (blue) were the most efficient LED packages and coincided with peak ChI A and Chl B absorption areas.

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