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Is the Full Spectrum LED Lights for Plants Better or is Red and Blue Better?

Plant lamp lights can replace sunlight to supplement light for plants and promote plant growth. They can be used when planting vegetables, fruits and flowers. They can not only promote the growth of seedlings, but also promote flowering and fruiting, increase production and advance the market. There are many types of plant lamp lights. The spectrum includes full spectrum and red and blue light spectrum. Is the full spectrum better or the red and blue light spectrum better?

The difference between full spectrum led lights for plants and red and blue light spectrum

After research on the absorption and utilization of sunlight by plant growth, it is found that the absorption and utilization of red and blue light in sunlight by plants is relatively large. Red light can promote plant flowering and fruiting. Blue light can promote plant growth of stems and leaves. Therefore, in the later research on plant lamps, people develop plant lamps with red and blue spectrum.

This kind of light has a good effect on the growth of plants and even has a better effect on crops and flowers that need to ensure the color. Moreover, the red and blue light can be matched according to the needs to obtain the spectrum required for suitable plant growth.

There are only two spectrums of red light and blue light in red and blue plant lamp lights, while full spectrum led lights for plants simulate sunlight. The spectrum is like sunlight and emits white light.

Full spectrum led lights for plants and red and blue light have the effect of supplementing light for plants and promoting plant growth. But in the face of different crops, pay attention to choosing the proper one when choosing the spectrum.

For crops and flowers that require coloring for flowering and fruiting, red and blue light plant lamp lights can be used to color, promote flowering and fruiting and increase yield. For leafy crops, full spectrum led lights for plants can be used.

If you grow plants at home, choose a full spectrum led light for plants. The light of the red and blue plant lamp light is pink. If people are in this environment for a long time, they will feel dizzy, nauseated and feel unwell.

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