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High-power Plant Fill Light Suitable for Filling Light for Industrial Hemp

There are many application fields of industrial hemp, including medical uses, food health care, textiles, skin care products, etc. In recent years, the cultivation area of industrial hemp has also been expanding. It is extremely friendly to the growing environment, resistant to cold and barren, and can even improve the composition of heavy metals in the soil, but there is one thing that should be paid special attention to.

1. The effect of plant lamp light on the growth of industrial hemp

Cannabis is a sun-loving short-day plant, which has extremely high requirements for light. If the light intensity does not meet the requirements, its growth will be affected. Especially in the greenhouse or in the basement, due to the influence of building materials, the light is weakened or even it is completely dark, which has a great impact on the growth of cannabis and the differentiation of flower buds, so it is necessary to use plant lamp light to fill the light for cannabis in time.

2. The advantages of choosing plant light lamp for industrial hemp

Since industrial hemp has high requirements for light intensity, when choosing a plant light lamp to fill light, pay attention to the power of the fill light. It is best to choose a high-power LED plant fill light, which can not only ensure the light intensity, but also save energy. High-power modular plant fill light can be combined according to needs to meet the requirements of plants for light intensity.

In the Flora series of plant fill lights from Enlite Energy Inc, a 960W plant lamp light fill light has a minimum PPF of 2352umo1/s, which is most used in greenhouse projects and plant factories, and the effect is also very good. Therefore, it is completely suitable for industrial hemp fill light.

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